Age-Checked, automated Beer Vending in Bars



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Age-Checked, automated Beer Vending in Bars

Drink vending machines which provide alcoholic beverages to bar users are an innovative way to reduce staff, interpresonal contacts and make waiting for the bartender history. But how can you control amounts and check the legal age ? A partner of Qibixx in New York is rolling out a simple and innovative system:
  • When entering the bar, the users 'trade' their ID for an RFID card.
  • If there are different legal ages for hard lickor and beer, for example, two different kinds of cards are handed out.
  • The operator of the bar sets the allowance for the user groups.
  • When a visitor wants to get a drink, he approaches one of the vending machines, identifies with the RFID card and then pays with his credit card.
  • The Machine has a standard MDB interface, it is not aware of the 'access control' which ensures the visitor will only get a certain amount of drinks in a certain time period, so that 'can you borrow me your card' can be effectively controlled or inhibited.
A very simple, inexpensive solution to implement, and no changes to the machine or the card terminal are needed! Qibixx' MDB controller is put in the middle of things, between the MDB based card reader and the Drink Machine's VMC MDB interface – ready ! Cards are re-useable and returned upon leaving the bar. Of course, a bar internal payment system 'cashless' can also be set up and sales can be seen realtime by the owner. Cheers – Beers ! Ask us for details Johannes
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