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DASH in a vending machine


We had a fantastic reception of our vending solutions shown at the DASH event in Uster, Switzerland. Here‘s a video about our showcase:

So, what is it about?

DASH – the innovative cryptocurrency which is IDEAL for vending applications, as it has super low transaction fees, realtime conversion into fiat with partner exchanges, but most importantly – instant transactions!

Our partner VendingDesign built a really nice flashy vending machine based on our Barionet and Vemio controller solution. We added a display and the application. As we wanted to show more of what our products can do, and to serve the needs of us coffee junkies :), we added a coffee machine provided by our partner Leomat which was wirelessly connected using the Qibixx MDB Pi Hat and a Raspberry.

We were able to demonstrate and excite everyone with:

  •  Real-time transactions including realtime telemetry into the blockchain
  •  Ultra low fees for the merchant
  •  Instant, reliable transactions
  •  An ideal solution to put in unattended retail kiosks as it supports master and slave machines

Contact us for demo systems! We are going to ship a professional DASH acceptance solution with standard MDB within the next two weeks.


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