First prototypes of the new MDB Hat for Raspberry Pi



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First prototypes of the new MDB Hat for Raspberry Pi

The Qibixx MDB-USB interface is the current market leader when it comes to functionality. Due to its unique capabilities, namely its master and slave functionality, sniffing support with high accuracy timestamps and the universal USB interface, the popularity of the device has quickly gained traction, resulting in worldwide installations.

Fitting perfectly on a Raspberry Pi, the new version of the Qibixx MDB Technology is the perfect solution for those who want to combine the leading MDB technology of Qibixx with a Raspberry Pi or a device with a compatible "hat" connector.

Key features of the MDB Hat:

  • MDB master and slave capability, jumperless
  • MDB sniffing capability
  • Communication with the host hardware via TTL serial and/or SPI (this is much faster and more efficient, perfect for RPi 3 and newer models)

With regard to the hardware aspect, the interface provides a power supply for the Pi. The interface reliably generates 5V, 3A out of the MDB supply for the PI. To put this into context, this is enough to power USB peripherals like a 4G modem connected to the Pi. You can, of course, disable this if you have another source of power for the Pi.

Moving on to software, the new firmware includes a full "cashless device" protocol implementation. The product offers simple ASCII commands to give credit and approve a Vend. Now, you can easily build an MDB mobile payment solution or an MDB card payment device with a few lines of code. It can be updated without jumpers from the host, even in a remote installation.

The MDB Pi HAT is fully developed and supported. You can visit the product online page by navigating to our official sales partner’s website:

Contact us at to get one of these prototypes. There is a limited amount available.

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