Hardware Development

Qibixx develops device concepts, makes designs and implements new products in close cooperation with you. True to the slogan “a great product is created with the customer and not on the drawing board”, we at Qibixx make early prototypes for testing in the field or laboratory. In this we are fast and can rely on a wealth of experience in technologies. Microprocessor architectures, WiFi and Bluetooth applications, GSM/GPRS, IP and audio technologies are our “daily bread and butter”.

1. Prototypes

We rely heavily on (functional) prototypes. In today’s networked world, it is important to see the devices in action at an early stage and test their acceptance by your customers. At the beginning of a project, technologies can be tested in new combinations or functionalities of a small set, in order to integrate them into a larger system (prototyping) later on. Adjustment requests are recognized early on and can be integrated into the electronics or the design. Detailed tests in the laboratory identify and solve possible problems. An early prototype often helps in marketing the customer – showing is always better than writing and saying. With Rapid Prototyping procedures, prototypes are usually produced in high-quality printed 3D housings in the final format prior to series production, which you can functionally present to partners and interested parties.

2. Product design

At Qibixx, a product is always designed with regard to quality, energy efficiency and suitability for series production. The conceptual design lays the foundation for the prototype, the electronics architecture and already for implementation in production. The results of feasibility studies and pre-tests are incorporated into the requirements of the product. The approximate amount of material, personnel and time required is also determined.

3. Electronics

Even in the modern age of software architectures, good, stable and optimized devices have to be built. Interfaces, power, connections, battery operation, radiation – that is where we draw our experience. Devices developed by us are stable and durable. Important milestones can be tested and presented in a prototype.

4. Housing design

Form follows Function or Design Thinking? We cooperate with a leading industrial designer (or the customer’s design team if desired), because good electronics without a good housing are worth half as much. Products should not only work reliably, but should also look as small and attractive as possible. In addition, haptics and special requirements for use and safety are also important. We design housings according to the client’s corporate design.

5.Project management

Without good project management, nothing is possible. Our experienced project managers are the link between the customer, the different development groups and the production and ensure that all the plans are fulfilled. We use modern project management software from Atlassian and our in-house test systems. Qibixx is ISO 9001:2015 certified and has implemented efficient processes to deliver high quality results. Thanks to the close cooperation with the production manager, time-sensitive processes can be optimized and thus shortened. As we manage all projects in Switzerland, we can integrate you step by step into the project and discuss your requirements with you on site.

6. Industrialization

We have extensive production know-how. With our close networking with our production partners, we are able to define the manufacturing processes and test sequences and test and optimize them with the first prototypes. The production of tools (tooling) is ordered early due to lead times. Adjustments, where necessary, are implemented in an uncomplicated and pragmatic manner.

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