Mobile Consumption Data Capture for Energy Consulting, Traffic Censuses or Visitor Counting






Mobile Consumption Data Capture for Energy Consulting, Traffic Censuses or Visitor Counting

Do you need to count visitors, capture energy consumption, intercept events or the like? The “QIBIXX Wifi Counter” may be the exact answer to your needs.

In this blog post we will take a brief look at a common application: temporal, accurate reporting of count data – wireless.

Let’s suppose that you need to capture a company’s electricity consumption to optimise it, with accurate, reliable measurements of consumption and peaks. The QIBIXX WiFi Counter (QWC) can do just that: count pulses, provide accurate timestamps and deliver the captured datasets via WiFi. The recorded pulses are transmitted regularly to a server or via the Internet with a second-precise time reference. For easy use, the QWC is not supplied with a wired power supply, but with standard mignon batteries.

The standard firmware captures pulses at a one-second rhythm – up to 50 pulses per second – and delivers the data to the server every 5 minutes. Other intervals can also be set, should the resolution be too high.

The device works reliably for hundreds of hours with normal AA batteries. The lifespan of these will decrease accordingly if an active sensor must also be supplied with energy (a 5V output is available for this purpose). The counting input for potential-free contacts works with the S0 pulse output of the usual electricity meters, but also with all other counters with contact output, motion sensors, reflection sensors and many others. If there is a significant change in the pulse frequency (start/stop detection), the sensor contacts the server immediately. Thus, for example, a simple machine standstill detection or alarm is feasible.

Contact us and tell us about your needs! We can adapt the standard WiFi Counter to suit your requirements, integrate further communication techniques into it, including NB-IoT, and put together an optimal solution for you.

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