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These days, all important things in life can be obtained from vending machines, anytime, anywhere. Parking meters, laundromats, snack dispensers, even automatic pay toilets, usually accept payment in "coins", i.e. small change in euros, francs, dollars, etc. For the operators of such automatic devices, the easiest way to manage these devices still seems to be using cash, even if customers often do not have the necessary small change at hand.

However, the cash-management costs for these devices are significant. Break-ins, counterfeit money, loss of business because the customer does not have the appropriate small change, theft by the service provider who empties the device, and so on. Losses are estimated at 5% to 20%.

Qibixx has a very simple, reliable and cost-effective solution available: Mobile payment. The unique feature of the Qibixx solution is that there is NO need for the devices to be online. Depending on the local conditions, payments can be accepted safely, quickly and easily with battery operation, solar support or just a QR code.

In Switzerland, Qibixx offers payments using the Swiss TWINT payment system. In any other country, cashless purchases can be made worldwide at automatic devices via PayPal or a credit card. Our video explains how this works using the example of a laundromat.

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