Our dedicated production manager is in permanent contact with our production companies in Portugal and China and is often on site. Thanks to the close cooperation, we can guarantee the perfect quality of our products and at the same time enable many special requests. After development, Qibixx industrializes the products for production and coordinates and optimizes them. Depending on the customer’s requirements, budget and commercial aspects, we produce in Portugal, China or at both locations.

1. Production lines

Depending on the type of production plant, different numbers of production lines are available. Both locations consist of modern facilities with a production capacity of up to 300,000 components/h. We fully automatically assemble on SMT lines with automatic printers, AOi systems, return vents, SPI Offline (3D solder paste inspection), BGA, LGA, QFN (CHIP IPC). Also manual THT assembly with selective soldering on wave soldering machines is possible (RoHS certified).

2 . Certifications

We ensure that every new product meets the required safety and environmental certification requirements. We have experience with CE (Class A & B), FCC (Class A & B), C-Tick, RED, UL-Listed, S-Mark and also certify others according to customer requirements.

Our partners are Compliant with all common requirements, such as the IPC 610 and IPC 7711 Standard Compliance. They are audited for their quality management system according to ISO TS 16949:2009, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001.IECEX / ATEX Compliance; RoHS – 2002/95 and 2011/65.

3. Refurbishment

We can modernize or upgrade existing products. Should warranty cases occur, they can be checked and repaired. We would be happy to advise you on the most cost-effective option for the refurbishment.

4. Housing

During the design phase, we create fast and simple 3D images of the housing in CAD drawings. This allows a first impression of the progress and can be presented to business partners. We work with experienced industrial designers to show you reference works that match your ideas of the look & feel.

For prototypes we work with powerful 3D printers for particularly high-quality and authentic cases as well as with standard cases made of PVC or aluminium. Devices with such housings can be presented as a functional product at trade fairs and partner or press events.

After the production concept, tool manufacturing begins for serial production. QIBIXX usually handles the procurement of components.

5. Testing

Good testing starts with the definition of the product requirements. Due to the existing knowledge in testing engineering in QIBIXX, we can define test requirements very near development and monitor the testing techniques of production.

Our techniques include ICT (needle adapter) checksums and Flying Probes, automatic functional testing, security checks, Ethernet, RF tests, BoundaryScan, gear programming, JTAG, GPS/GSM verification, X-ray and heat/humidity testing. Afterwards, the test results are interpreted and prepared for presentation.

We know the examination regulations, supply test protocols and proofs, build our own test adapters and test programs. A clear test definition with clear responsibilities ensures high quality in production.

6. Additional services

The printing of packaging and information material such as brochures or instructions can be printed on site or integrated into the production chain by delivery. Additional marketing material such as stickers, films of the product and similar materials are realized with partners on site. If you decide to ship directly from the country of production to your end customers, we can take care of the logistics and more. Ask us for special requirements.

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