Software Development

Matching the hardware we develop drivers and interfaces (API) as well as user software for Linux, MacOS and Windows. We also create cloud-based software, a portal, on a regular basis. We have experienced development teams and software architects who develop solid software for the hardware. Our core competencies are in software for monitoring and controlling, databases, cloud applications and payment processes.

1. Project management

Our entire software teams are agile and work with interactive methods. We use up-to-date project management software from Atlassian (Jira, Confluence). Qibixx is ISO 9001:2015 certified and has implemented meaningful development processes to enable us to focus on our work. Experienced project managers plan according to your requirements and milestones. As we manage our development from Switzerland, we can show you every step of the project on site at your location or in our office in Dübendorf and discuss it with you.

2 .Programming languages

We master all relevant languages for applications in the cloud, on mobile devices and desktops. We use C, C#, C++, C++, Go, Java, Javascript, Lua, HTML5, CSS, Swift, and more. We use frameworks like React, Node, QT, Angular, Elm-lang, Vue, Rx, Tryton and others. As databases we use Firebase, PostgreSQL, noSQL or MongoDB depending on the application. Our cloud server applications are based on Kubernetes, Microservices, Traefik, styled-components, AWS, Google Cloud and many more. Linux systems run with Yocto, OpenWRT, NuttX, Redis etc. Developers at Qibixx can program reactively. This list does not claim to be exhaustive.

3. Minimal Viable Product

On the way to the final software we like to create a “Minimal Viable Product (MVP)”, a fully functional software which contains the core requirements. With an MVP, we have a solid basis to test the product in the market and integrate the results into the further development of the software. Such software is not developed from the outset, but gradually adapted to your needs.

4. Prototyping

Software prototypes are applications that include some of the functions of the requirements. Stable prototypes can be used as a basis for further developments, but are often completely different from the final product and can be considered solely as a test application. With such prototypes, feedback can be returned to development early in the project. Especially in larger projects prototypes help to test the APIs and interfaces to other software or devices.

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