MDB Interfacing for TWINT

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MDB Interfacing for TWINT

Qibixx enables TWINT payments in the vending industry. Easily accept mobile payments in your vending machine.

As mentioned before, TWINT is just another payment method to a vending machine (like a coin acceptor). These devices for payment are peripherals to the vending machine. The peripherals are simply plugged to the MDB-Bus which is standard to most vending machines.
Thus, the controller or mini-computer running our TWINT-application must have a MDB Interface.

There are different ways to achieve this. One recommended way to start is our very own MDB Development Kit*. It has all the hardware needed already on board by combining one of our MDB Interfaces (MDB Pi HAT) and a Raspberry Pi that developers and manufacturers can use to design their own vending application.

Qibixx also offers solutions for companies developing in different environments. The MDB-USB Interface is in function, very similar to the MDB Pi HAT. It is ideal for those who want to connect any other type of computer to the MDB-Bus by using a USB-connection. It works driverless on all major Operating Systems.

*Qibixx provides the MDB Development Kit from stock in Switzerland.

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Qibixx has been providing MDB Interfaces and solutions since 1999.

Pi HAT Plus 2


  • Universal MDB Interface in Pi Hat form factor;
  • Dual MDB Connectors with Master/VMC and Slave/Peripheral functions;
  • Easy jumper configuration to select power supply to the host (Raspberry Pi or other) and MDB operating mode;
  • USB compatible with most common Operating Systems (macOS, Linux, Windows);
  • High level functional interface for cashless device implementations;
pdfMDB Pi HAT Plus Datasheet
MDB-USB Ultra 2


  • USB 2.0 Interface;
  • Dual MDB Connectors with Master/VMC and Slave/Peripheral functions;
  • 2 Relay Outputs controllable via Auto Mode;
  • RS-232 Interface (for special applications);
  • USB-A Socket and screw terminal connector with 5V Power Output, converted from MDB power, max 3A;
pdfMDB-USB Ultra Datasheet

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