What is Twint?

As of the year 2022, the majority of customers in Switzerland choose TWINT for smartphone payments.

TWINT has managed to integrate various useful features into the App that makes it a convenient system for any daily Business-to-Customer (B2C) and Customer-to-Customer (C2C) payments.
For sales at vending machines TWINT uses QR-codes. Customers simply scan the code with their app for payment.

We move fast at Qibixx and need solutions that are versatile, well defined and easy to integrate. The use of QR-codes delivers exactly that and makes TWINT the perfect tool for us.

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MDB Interfacing TWINT

Qibixx is TWINT's hardware and software partner, the Swiss banks' mobile payment solution. Qibixx has developed Payment Beacons for TWINT with a focus on transaction and failure security. They are in use at more than 40,000 cash desks.

Qibixx TWINT solutions for vending machines make use of our established components to connect different kind of controllers with the MDB-Bus of Vending Machines.
Running our TWINT software on these controllers simply adds TWINT payments to the existing payment methods of the machine (i.e. coin acceptors or card readers).
For the payment with TWINT, customers simply scan the QR-code for the chosen product with their TWINT-app and confirm the displayed price.

Please talk to our sales team to pick the right components for your requirements and get a quote.

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Qibixx ZahlKontakt

Qibixx ZahlKontakt is aimed at users who are looking for a simple payment solution for opening a door, switching a socket or activating a completely new type of system.
Door openers are the classic example. The customer scans the QR code on the door with their TWINT app, confirms the purchase and the door lock is automatically unlocked.
The main component of Qibixx ZahlKontakt is a miniature computer or controller. This small box acts as a control center between the TWINT payment service provider and the door contact. The controller is connected to the electric door opener via a pair of cables and communicates with TWINT via the Internet.

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