Using the Wifi counter to determine maintenance needs?






Using the Wifi counter to determine maintenance needs?

Scheduled maintenance is often unnecessary and time-consuming. For optimal functionality, many devices or machines only need maintenance after a certain usage, not after a specific time interval. But how do you know when your device is due for maintenance?

Naturally, this depends on the device. To that end, the Qibixx WiFi counter is available with different form factors and alternative functionalities. Let’s see some simple examples: our first device, a water filter, could be supplemented with a flow meter which communicates with the Qibixx WiFi counter, thus allowing it to determine when your the filter is due for necessary maintenance. Another device will use a very a low-power controller to count the pulses and activate the WiFi interface, while only very rarely transmitting the actual counter state or its health information. With this optimal design, the WiFi counter can run for YEARS with one single set of batteries.

Other devices suitable for counting are our universal Linux-based Barionet products. They have the ability to send any data collected directly into a Google spreadsheet, drop log files - accurate to the second - into Dropbox, or simply send you an email with the counts.

To top this all off, the devices support not only WiFi and Ethernet but also 4G/NB-IOT or LoraWan. Using MQTT, it can communicate with Azure, Amazon or other platforms, or just store counts locally. The sky's the limit!

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Johannes Rietschel


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