WiFi Counter explained






WiFi Counter explained

Dear Reader Today i would like to give you some more information about the “WiFi Counter” from us and explain some usecases. The video gives you a very brief version of this post if you don’t want to read. The Qibixx Wifi Counter could also be called “IP counter”, “IoT Counter” or “network counter”, “people counter” or “production counter” and it actually fulfills a very simple function. Counting events and informing a server. Counting products, counting people, counting anything which is detectable and for which a sensor exists which can deliver a contact closure or offers a serial, usb or other protocol to read out the counts. Energy meters which provide an S0 pulse? Sure, those pulses can be counted accurately too to monitor energy consumption. The device will not only collect those counts, but also will (independently, without stopping to count) deliver the collected counts via Wifi, Ethernet, IP, the internet, 4G, LTE-M1 or NB-IOT  to a server of some kind. For the delivery of the count data over the network interface we suggest and support JSON over HTTP(s) or MQTT. However, other protocols can be implemented as needed.
  • How often do you want the counts do be delivered, and in what intervals should the counter sum up ?
  • Do you want to get a data push when a certain count is reached (let’s say, a mobile toilet should send a push after every 20 uses),
  • Do you want to get exact counts “per second” of your production line, delivered every 5 minutes but immediately when the count rate changes (machine start/stop) ?
  • Do you just want to get an update whenever the input activates (so, EVERY count) ?
All this is possible with our family of products. Typical use cases are: People counting, yield counter, production counter, useage counters, energy metering. We will be your partner to help figure out the exact details of what version of the product will suit your needs best. Contact us with your requirements. Best Regards, Johannes Rietschel, Qibixx AG
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